There was a period of time, roughly I would say from 2013 to around 2018, where I was deeply invested in tech-y things. By which I don’t mean technology in general (I still very much care about that), but rather things like Optimizing Workflows and Plain Text Editors and Apps In General. The sorts of things that attract moderately obsessive nerds with a bit too much time and a little too little stuff to actually do, even as they tell themselves they are extremely busy with important tasks all the time. By the time I started working on my dissertation, to say nothing now of having a full-time job, my patience for these kinds of fiddly topics had mostly evaporated. Nevertheless, here I find myself writing a blog post on a Plain Text App on my phone, mostly to solve the question of “can I write and publish a blog post on my phone?” I am pleased to announce that the answer appears, after a fashion, to be: yes.