although this is is very well-documented. Every website is an app and every app is a walled garden trying to sell you drop-shipped chum and an endless cycle of new new new. Perhaps I am simply getting old, and this is simply what being in your thirties is like, looking back on the world of your teens and twenties and longing for a RETVRN. Except I didn’t like being in my twenties very much and I certainly don’t long for the Hummerfied glitzy homophobia of the 2000s so I am inclined to reject simple nostagia. I think one of the more frustrating things about how boring the internet is now is that the cause doesn’t require a cottage of industry of essays to diagnose: it’s the money, stupid. Or rather it’s the fact that everyone’s trying to make money or is afraid that being online can stop them from making money. (I also think video was a mistake but that’s another post.) In any case, I am very bored of watching people try to make money, which seems to be the vast majority of what we’re allowed to see these days b/c of the whole walled garden thing. I have bemoaned the absence of distribution platforms on the internet before and I will probably keep doing so until I finally take a hammer to my devices and once and for all touch grass. In any case, this blog is one of the last non-boring things for me on the internet tbqh. So I suppose I shall keep using it.