I have twenty minutes before I have to head out to have dinner with a friend and it occurred to me, as I was revising my Important Professional Website (don’t go looking for it) that it had been forever and a day since I had done anything with this website (the one you are reading now) and perhaps it was worth bringing it back and so forth. It’s so hard to write about anything besides blogging on a blog because everything on the internet trends towards commentary about the internet, especially when, like me, like most of us who still maintain (or at least try to maintain) blogs such as these, writing is marked by long lacunae when you just don’t feel like updating or you forget to write or–like me–you go through a protracted period for several months where your cat is sick because it turns out that she’s allergic to peas (yes, peas!). She is fine now, thank you for asking and etc., but suffice it to say, blogging hasn’t really been on my mind. But spring is back, which means the resumption of Good Habits and Healthy Behaviors and perhaps, just perhaps, there’s a world where one of those healthy behaviors is sitting down in front of a computer and having some Thoughts that you fling out into the aether, and maybe someone will find them some day or maybe they won’t.